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Curators and Online Exhibitions Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to all digital exhibitions on



“Exhibition Team” means the team or other involved third parties that are in charge of managing a specific online exhibition.


“Art Dealer Street” always refers to the website located at the domain


“Artworks” refers to all artistic works created by artists and individuals, both signed and not signed, listed on



These terms and conditions apply to the curator submissions as well as to the online exhibitions managed by Art Dealer Street.

Further specific regulations are available at this page.



Curators willing to submit their project proposal to the attention of the Art Dealer Street team must apply by filling out this form.

Every part of the form must be filled out with the required information. Incomplete submissions will not be eligible for evaluation.


Applicants need to meet a specific deadline to submit their applications.

They will be allowed to send just one submission per deadline. 

Edited, repeated, or duplicated submissions will not be considered.


Submissions are open to all  individuals who are 18 years of age or older, regardless of their country of origin, gender, or professional experience.


At least 1 year of experience in the field is required. Applications coming from individuals with a Master's degree in art history, contemporary art or museum studies will be given priority.


No submission fee is required.



The project proposal must be submitted according to the guidelines explained in paragraph three, entitled,curator submissions”.


We do not provide applicants with guidelines on the issues or topics to use to develop their project proposal.


Curators are free to select a theme that they feel is close to them. The exhibition team suggests applicants propose projects involving artists they already know or they are willing to work with, and on issues that they know well due to their studies, culture of reference, passions, and personal knowledge.


Applicants will be asked to involve at least 8 artists in their project proposal.


On special occasions, the exhibition team can decide to allow for the realisation of solo shows.


This kind of decision will be made in a conference  between Art Dealer Street team members and the applicant.    


The project proposal must contain the following information:

  • Exhibition title
  • Short introduction (up to 150 words)
  • Detailed explanation of the exhibition project (up to 1500 words)
  • List of the artists involved
  • At least 5 artworks that will be included in the exhibitions, with detailed information about size, medium, techniques and year of production.


Applicants must also attach their CV, as well as provide personal information such as Name, Surname and Email Address.


At the end of the submission process, applicants will immediately receive a confirmation email.

The exhibition team will take up to one week to evaluate the received proposals and to provide applicants with feedback.



Applicants who receive positive feedback from the exhibition team will have the opportunity to curate an online exhibition on

The exhibition will be promoted on all Art Dealer Street channels and a digital exhibition catalogue will be released.


Artists involved in the winning projects will need to sign up on and create their profile.

There are no required fees for either the artists or curators, for the exhibition development.


Each approved exhibition will last and remain online for 1 month.


Winning curators will be required to:

  • Actively collaborate with the team for the scheduling and realisation of the online exhibition.
  • Develop and provide a press release, facts sheets and social media content for the exhibition.
  • Develop and provide digital content for promoting the artists and the exhibition.
  • Coordinate and correspond with artists, dealers, lenders, art institutions, and collectors.


All exhibition-related activities will be conducted remotely.



Compensation for winning curators is commission-based.


When an artwork sells, the artist owning the work will receive 65% of the sale.

The remaining percentage is shared 50/50 between our organization and the independent curator.



  • a $1,000.00 sale of a work included in the exhibition is completed the split sale will be $650 to the artist, $175 to Art Dealer Street, $175 to the curator.


Independent curators and artists can decide to keep the proposed artworks on sale on art dealer street. In this case, the same compensation mechanism remains valid for sales that happen after the exhibition ends.    



The copyright and all other intellectual property rights of the artwork will remain the property of the artist.

The artists retain ownership rights. In the case of a sale, the ownership rights transfer to the buyer.    

Art Dealer Street has the right to copy and/or reproduce the artworks and to communicate and/or issue such copies to the public in connection with the exhibition, for advertising, general marketing,      promotional purposes, and other related activities. This includes without limitation, the incorporation of images of the artworks within promotional, marketing materials, postcards, catalogues, posters, the Art Dealer Street website,     social media accounts and any media now known or hereafter devised.




Art Dealer Street will collect and hold personal data supplied by artists and applying curators through the submission form in accordance with the regulations and policies illustrated at this page.