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Opportunities: Open call for Digital & New Media artists

Opportunities: Open call for Digital & New Media artists

Article written by Martina Martinelli



The potential of the connection between the artistic and the digital realms is becoming more and more evident nowadays. There is a worldwide trend among artists to experiment with new media in their artistic production, exploiting the advancement of present-days technology to expand the boundaries of traditional artistic practices.

This week, we have decided to collect a series of opportunities for digital and new media artists, in the form of grants, exhibition opportunities, and artists’ residencies.

If you are looking for new and challenging experiences for your artistic career, then you should read this article until the end and make sure you do not miss a deadline!


The New River – Call for digital art and writing

The New Riverhoused in Virginia Tech’s MFA Creative Writing program is the first journal dealing with digital writing and art.

It is open for submission of works within the categories of new media art, electronic literature, sound, computational text, moving images and boundary-pressing experiments in between.

Who can apply? Every kind of digital artist can apply, regardless of gender, origins and medium used. The New River will give priorities to submission from emerging and under-represented artists.

Deadline: April 15, 2022

More info here


VisArts Galleries– Call for New media,Film, and Video

VisArts is a non-profit organization located in Rockville, Maryland. Its mission is to to transform individuals and communities through the visual arts, building an inclusive, accessible, equal and diverse space for exchange and dialogue about the arts.

On the occasion of the VII edition of the International Film & Video Art Screening Series “Frame & Frequency”, VisArts opened a call dedicated to digital artists working with new media, experimental film, and video.

This year’s edition of the festival will take place from May 7 - May 8, 2022.

Who can apply? Every kind of artists working with video and new technologies can apply, regardless of age, gender, and origins.

Deadline: April 15, 2022

More info here


Syntropy States – Call for digital artists and musicians

Syntropy States is a small digital arts start-up, fascinated by the potential of art and music in improving people well-being.

They are looking for artists and musicians to be commissioned with 14 short audio visual videos to be hosted on our app “Syntropy”.

“Syntropy” is a developing digital app that uses digital arts as a way to entertain people, but also as an effective and widely available digital health tool.

Winning artists will be granted with £200 (€235), along with promotion, exposure to a large and growing audience and a digital arts residency within the Syntropy app and website.

Who can apply? Every kind of digital artist and musician (both solo, duo and artists groups) can apply, regardless of age, gender, and origins.

Deadline: April 16, 2022

More info here


European Media Art Platform – Media Art Air Program

The European Media Art Platform offers residencies for artists, artist duos, collectives or other artistic collaborations working in the fields of digital art, media art, and bio-art. 

The residency program is part of the European Union’s Creative Europe programme and it will take place in 15 European Countries.

The awardees will be provided with:

  • the opportunity to participate in a kick-off conference in Zagreb on June 17 – 19, 2022
  • grants starting from €2,000 and a project budget of €4,000
  • accommodation and travel expenses
  • the chance to participate in exhibition tours at EMAP members’ festivals/exhibitions in 2022-2024, plus the option to receive presentation grants if exhibited by EMAP partner institutions.

Who can apply? Emerging European resident artists, regardless of gender, age, and degree. Undergraduate and Master’s students are not eligible but PhD candidates can apply.

Deadline: April 27, 2022

More info here


Agora Digital Art – Call for Woman and Non-Binary Digital Artists

Agora Digital Art is a London-based, decentralized, and volunteer-run certified social enterprise that advocates and promotes the work of women and non-binary artists working in Digital Art.

Agora opened a call for artists for its next VR Exhibition “The Dream”, taking place in Spring-Summer 2022.

The winner applicant will be provided with:

  • the possibility to participate in the curated VR group show, in Mozilla Hubs
  • the possibility to be featured in the e-catalogue
  • an artist profile written by Agora’s copywriters
  • the opportunity to sell his/her NFT or to start minting it
  • an invite to join for an Agora Talk
  • social media promotion.

Also, there is the chance that Agora organizes a 3-day physical exhibition, where the winner will be invited to take part.

Who can apply? Self-identified women and non-binary digital artists.

Deadline: July 31, 2022

More info here

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