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Opportunities: No fee Calls for Artists in the US

Opportunities: No fee Calls for Artists in the US

US-based artists this one’s for you!

We have gather the best 2022 opportunities for artists in the US, including exhibitions opportunities, and publications. Want to know the best part? They do not require any submission fee!

It never hurts to try, right?

Hurry up, deadlines for these calls are set in May and June 2022.



Housed in a renovated mid-century medical building, MoM hosts two formal exhibition spaces, three additional on-site museums, rotating installations, murals and sculpture, a theater, weekly art classes, pop-ups, and conceptual gift shop. Nearly every inch of the property is art-activated.

Their mission is to increase the artist population of Seattle and inspire our local arts ecosystem through exhibition, education, and conversation about the role of the artist, philanthropist and collector.


Camp Milliman

Camp Milliam is an immersive video art installation on the first floor of MoM.

It is a place where visitors can relax, chat and enjoy themselves having a drink with friends.

Here, there is an old wood divided window that serves as the frame to view to the video art behind it.

The only requirement of the call for video art is that it is a single perspective and presented as the view from a window.  The loop can be 10 seconds or 90 minutes long, without any sound.

Winning artists will also be provided with $200.00 + museum membership.


Deadline: Ongoing - Video art loops change the first day of each new season, or, more specifically, March 20, June 20, September 22 and December 21.

Submission information available here


9 Stair Mural

The MoM is trying to find unconventional places to introduce more art.

This is why they are offering artists the opportunty to realise a mural in the staircase risers between the first and second floor with art pieces.

The artist stipend is $500.00 + $200.00 materials + museum membership.


Deadline: Annual

Submission information available here





Michigan Medicine announces a call for artists for the Gifts of Art Program, solo and group art exhibits for the September 2022 to August 2023 exhibition year. One of the first and most comprehensive arts in healthcare programs in the nation, the Gifts of Art Program brings the world of art and music to Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan.

The Gifts of Art Program’s rotating gallery is intended to support the healing process by calming nerves, lifting spirits, and engaging minds; thereby, reducing stress and anxiety often associated with healthcare settings.

Gifts of Art Programs utilize the arts to assist and enhance the healing process, reduce stress, support human dignity, and renew the spirit.

Deadline: June 16, 2022

Submission information available here





Gallerium announces a call for artists for Emotions 2022. Submit artworks that display human feelings and emotions. The selected artworks will be published in The Book of Art publication and showcased in an international group exhibition by Gallerium.

Eckman listed the six basic types of human emotions as happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, and surprise. In time, the research and theories have explored more types of emotions and identified love, affection, longing, amusement, contempt, contentment, embarrassment, guilt, shame, excitement, pride, satisfaction, relief, caring, compassion, and tenderness. As emotions are the keystone to experiencing art, Gallerium invites you to express your artistic world of human emotions and feelings for Emotions 2022.


Deadline: June 2, 2022

Submission information available here

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