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7 NFT projects that you should start to follow

7 NFT projects that you should start to follow

NFTs are flooding into the art world, and they are becoming incredibly popular.

We are constantly exposed to this phenomenon. Recently, we are always hearing about cryptocurrency, metaverse, cryptoart, and blockchain.

Some see NFTs as a revolution in the art scene, like a new contemporary art, while some others still consider them as an unknown, and strange genre.

If you are approaching NFTs, but you do not know where to begin, here is a collection of the 7 NFT projects that you should start following right now, because they are simply amazing.



Decentraland is a platform resembling a 3D virtual world. Here, users can buy land plots in the form of NFTs using the MANA cryptocurrency.

The Decentraland platform is completely shaped by the activity of its users, since they can create their own worlds, characters, and stories.

The platform also features special events, awards opportunities, competitions as well as a marketplace to trade digital assets, which users can access and actively participate in.





Woman Rise consists of a series of 10,000 unique NFTs art pieces created by the visual artist Maliha Abidi.

They are randomly generated but derive from more than 453 hand-drawn by the artist.

These NFTs aim to shed light on the issues of diversity and inclusion. Indeed, they appear in the form of women with distinct somatic characteristics and appearances.





The Creature World is a collection of 10,000 digital artworks in the form of NFTs, realised by the NYC-based artist Danny Cole.

Each NFT resembles a unique Creature and allows his/her holder to gain access to special virtual experiences, or “journeys”, in Creature World.

The Creature World also contains the Creature Lab, defined as “a creative lab exploring the potential of interaction with artwork using web3 technology.”

The aim of the lab is to stimulate creative experimentation through the realisation of participatory art projects that can be accessed by Creature holders.





YUBO is a social live-streaming app that allow users to connect, chat and participate in events in a virtual space.

They are launching their first NFT collection, Randos,  which contains 10,000 NFTs that allow YUBO’s users to acquire an exclusive status as well as benefits on the platform.

This release is a unique opportunity for YUBO’s users as they can earn from what they are already doing on the platform: live chats, events, issuing collections, and many more initiatives.

Thanks to this initiative, YUBO will allow NFT holders to generate personal revenues, while additional benefits will consist of exclusive features, such as a unique hexagon profile picture, the ability to send their NFT as a Pixel, 3D avatars and the chance to win Randos merch.





Doodles is a collection of 10,000 NFTs designed by the artist Burnt Toast.

These NFTs are hand-drawn by the artist, and they take the form of animals, people, food, aliens, and many more characters.

What is unique about Doodles is the community that exists for them.

Owning a Doodle means having access to special community-based features, events, and products.

Furthermore, Doodles also features the Doodlebank, a community treasury which boasts over $5m USD and is used to fund these experiences.





Mfers is a profile picture project which contains a collection of 10,021 stick-figure NFTs created by NFT artist Sartoshi.

The owners of these meme-like NFTs can use them on major social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord.

The collection includes 10,000 general NFTs and 21 special NFTs based on the popular meme template “are you winning, son?”.

What is peculiar about these NFTs is that they are available in the public domain, so people can freely use them without even buying them.





Avastars is a collection of 25,200 generative NFTs deriving from 12 genes – such as hair, eyes, face, gender, etc – and they are based on 570 different attributes and colour palettes.  

What is interesting about this project is the fact that early Avastars holders are said to possess a “Prime”, that is a unique NFT representing a specific avatar.

On the other hand, there are Replicants, which are Avastarts built by Prime holders through “Trait copies” that come with every Prime.

In this way, Prime holders will have the opportunity to mint their own replicant and sell them in major NFT marketplaces. Also, it is important to note that Replicants do not come with trait copies, thus they can be created only once and cannot be reproduced.





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