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So, you love art... and podcasts (PART 2)

So, you love art... and podcasts (PART 2)

Article by Caroline Haller


In case you missed it, last week I listed a few of my go-to art podcasts! However, as I mentioned, that list was not comprehensive. This is Part 2 of the post and includes five more of my favorite podcast episodes of 2022, so far!

I love podcasts, and art. So, I compiled a list of the best, in my opinion, art related podcast episodes of 2022! See Part 1 for the first five!  

Podcasts featured in this blog post include Accessible Art History Podcast, Art Grind Podcast, The Art History Babes Podcast, The Lonely Palette, and The Modern Art Notes Podcast.


Accessible Art History

If you are short on time but want to brush up on your art history and get your gears turning, this podcast is for you! Hosted by Analisa, the Accessible Art History episodes are on the shorter side, which is perfect when you only have a few minutes. Each one is full of fascinating facts for your next discussion over coffee.

The bonus episode, “Are We Calling Machu Picchu by the Wrong Name?” opens the debate about potentially changing what we call Machu Picchu to reflect a closer title to its original. The February 14th episode is a longer episode discussing Machu Picchu, it is part of Accessible Art History’s season 12, Unearthed. However, this short bonus episode is so important because it let’s be honest, we all need a constant reminder that “history” isn’t always telling the “whole story.”

Listen Here



Art Grind Podcast

In the Art Grind Podcast, hosts Dina Brodsky and Marshall Jones relate stories of the “Art Grind,” or the process of art production, creation, and community. This podcast is great for anyone who is a part of the art industry or just loves art!

Episode 82 of the podcast features artist Alphonso Dunn as the guest. Dunn is a contemporary artist known for his pen and ink drawings.

Topics on this podcast include Dunn’s early art years, his move from Jamaica to the United States, his long daily commute to the New York Academy of Art and how he works out his techniques. Another fascinating topic Brodsky and Jones discuss with Dunn is the “Inktober” controversy and Dunn’s accusation of plagiarism against Jake Parker.

See what he says about these topics. Listen Here



The Art History Babes

Four friends, Corrie, Nat, Ginny, & Jen met during their MA program at the University of California. They all graduated with degrees in Art History in 2017 and started the podcast, The Art History Babes, to discuss all things art history and visual culture related.

Their previous seasons have dealt with themes like “The Bad Bitches of the Baroque,” discussions with artists and curator, and themes like art and sex.

Their first episode of the new year, published on January 29th catches the listener up to what’s been going on in their lives and what the new year holds for their podcast.

So, whether you’ve been an avid or occasional listener of their podcast, or never listened before, this is a go-to episode for 2022. With monthly episodes ahead, this might start an obsession, and you have a good place to start listening for the new year!

Listen Here



The Lonely Palette

Hosted by Tamar Avishai, the podcast’s unique format makes it a must listen. Avishai interviews museum goers and curators while standing in front of art objects. In Episode 59, Avishai discusses Sarah Sze’s “Fallen Sky” (2021), which was the first permanent piece installed at the 500-acre Storm King Art Center in New York.

Avishai begins by discussing “Fallen Sky” with Senior Curator of Storm King, Nora Lawrence. Then, over a soundtrack of relaxing music, Avishai analyzes her associations with the otherworldly sculpture. According to Avishai, “Fallen Sky” evokes something abandoned. The 36 ft steel sculpture blurs the lines between object and image and is all about “paying attention.”

The podcast is unique in its visceral approach to the works of art. The Lonely Palette brings the raw emotions and reactions to viewing the art back to the viewer. Therefore, the podcast lives up to its tagline “returning art history to the masses one painting at a time.”

Listen Here



The Modern Art Notes Podcast

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is hosted by Tyler Green, a successful historian and author. The podcast has been on air since 2011 and Green publishes weekly interviews with notable people in the art field including artists, curators, authors, conservators and historians.

Published on June 16 of this year, Green’s episode No. 554 features the works of artists Andrea Bowers and Susanne Lacy. The Hammer Museum Los Angeles is holding a retrospective of Bowers’ work and it will be up through September 4th. The second half of the episode is from 2019, when Green conversed with Suzanne Lacy, who often collaborated with Bowers.

Listen Here


As a bonus note, The Modern Art Notes Podcast also published two clips featuring American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger. Both short clips, the first from 2012 and the second from 2021 discuss works that Kruger has produced that reference abortion. The clips discuss her 1989 masterpiece “Your Body is a Battleground,” which was created to protest anti-abortion laws, making it a must listen in today’s political climate.

Listen Here

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