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So you love art... and podcasts (PART 1)

So you love art... and podcasts (PART 1)

Article by Caroline Haller


So do I! So, I compiled a list of the best, in my opinion, art related podcast episodes of 2022! I had more than what would fit in this post! So, this is just Part 1. So, stay tuned for Part 2!

Maybe you are looking for entertainment, maybe you want to brush up on your art history and learn something new, or maybe you are looking to stay abreast of art world news.

The following podcasts are featured in today’s blog: The ArtCurious Podcast, The ArtTactic Podcast, Beyond the Studio Podcast, Modern Art Is Rubbish Podcast, and The Great Women Artists Podcast.


Episode #96 of Season 11 of ArtCurious aired on June 13th, 2022, and examines Johanna Van Gogh, sister-in-law to Vincent Van Gogh and her role in Van Gogh’s fame.

The uber talented host Jennifer Dasal was a curator of Modern and Contemporary art at the North Carolina Museum of Art and has published a book based on the podcast!

Check out her book here

Season 11, Cherchez La Femme, examines the lives of the women behind some of the most famous names in Art History! Dasal’s new season lives up to the show’s tagline: exploring the unexpected, slightly odd, and strangely wonderful in art history.

This episode brings Jo Van Gogh to life through an engaging story telling mode. Dasal explains how Jo established international success for Van Gogh as the director of his estate after his death. She weaves the tale above a beautifully crafted soundtrack, making this episode a must listen.

Listen here


The ArtTactic podcast by ArtNet News’ recently aired an episode in which Naomi Rei recaps Art Basel 2022. Rei serves as the European Market Editor at ArtNet News.

If you weren’t able to make it to Art Basel or found it hard to keep up with news of the fair’s newest iteration since COVID, this episode is for you!

How did it feel to be there this year? Was this year different? Which artists and galleries were present and how did new regulations change Art Basel this year? Rei discusses all these things and more in this 15-minute recap.

Listen here


Hosted by Amanda Adams and Nicole Mueller, Beyond the Studio is a non-for-profit podcast aiming to help artists and art lovers understand the business behind being an artist. Adams and Mueller’s discussions with contemporary artists are informative and fascinating listens.

The April 12th episode was called “Marie Watt talks Expanding your Team, Running Your Practice Like a Business, and Navigating Life as a Mid-Career Artist.”

Marie Watt is a Portland based multidisciplinary artist who works with textiles, sculpture, and printmaking. As a proud citizen of the Seneca Nation, Watt’s pieces reflect her close ties to her ancestry and community.

This episode of Beyond the Studio stood out to me because Marie Watt’s art is one of my current obsessions. Particularly, I am fascinated by her attempt to create sustainable relationships within the communities she is a part of. This wonderful discussion with Watt highlights the importance of advocating for yourself as an artist. This podcast is crucial to understanding what an artist must do outside of creating art. As an artist or an advocate, this podcast can help you understand what goes into a successful art career beyond the creation of art.

Listen here


Modern Art is Rubbish podcast is hosted by Marcus and Tom from Brighton, UK. The pair take you on quite the ride or, as they say, the merry go round of thought!

Episode 93, “The real cost of owning art,” discusses a myriad of art themes related to owning art! While engaging in witty banter, Marcus and Tom discuss the recent climate protests and attacks on art, insurance issues, storage of art, and security factors to consider when owning art.

They also discuss the piece “Everyone I have ever Slept with 1963-1995” by Tracey Emin. This piece was unfortunately destroyed in the Momart London warehouse fire in 2004. Learn more in this entertaining episode.

Subscribing to their email list gains you a free high-res artwork! So, do that here

Then listen to the episode here


Episode 88 of The Great Women Artists Podcast is worth a listen! Katy Hessel is an art historian, broadcaster and curator based in London, UK.

In Episode 88, also the Season 7 Finale, Hessel interviews curator Caroline Bourgeois about her new exhibition on Marlene Dumas. The exhibition “Marlene Dumas: Open—End” at Palazzo Grassi in Venice is open until 8 January 2023. However, if you can’t get out to see it just yet, Hessel does a spectacular job of describing the works and her own experience while viewing the works. The descriptions entice as well as help you understand the emotion behind the works. Hessel’s probing questions get at the root of Dumas’s motivations and work.

Hessel’s book “The Story of Art without Men” will hit shelves in three weeks, but you can pre-order it now! So do that here

Then, Listen to the podcast episode here


These five podcasts are just a few of the notable podcasts that I have listened to this year and thought you should too. Let me know what I’ve missed. Which art related podcast episodes are your favorite and why? Stay tuned for more of my favorite art podcasts!

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