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Postcard from New York by Clio Art Fair I January 9-15, 2023

Postcard from New York by Clio Art Fair I January 9-15, 2023

We are back from Winter Holidays and here we are, suggesting you new and unmissable events taking place in NYC.


Enjoy our postcard from NY, realised in collaboration with Clio Art Fair, and let's discover the first art events of the year in the Big Apple!


In Museum

Every Ocean Hughes: Alive Side

@ Whitney Museum of American Art

Jan 14–Apr 2, 2023

Using humor, intimacy, and direct address with distinct visual and sculptural forms, Every Ocean Hughes’s (formerly known as Emily Roysdon; b. 1977, Easton, MD; lives and works between Easton and Stockholm) current series of works are connected by the artist’s interest in transitions, thresholds, kinship, legacy, and queer life.

This four-part presentation at the Whitney includes a new commission for the Museum, a performance that tells a mythic story of a community of characters who have the ability to make round-trip crossings to the underworld. The commission is the third part in a multidisciplinary series inspired by the artist’s training in death care. Prior works include Help the Dead (2019), a sixty-minute musical that mimes the form of a workshop, and One Big Bag (2021), a forty-minute single-channel video installation that uses a mobile corpse kit—a bag filled with everyday objects that death doulas carry to care for the newly dead.

With a matter-of-fact demeanor and intense physicality, the performer guides the viewer into the largely uncharted waters of corpse care—practical, political, and spiritual. Featured alongside the performances and video is The Piers Untitled (2009–23), a photographic series that captures the piers on the west side of Manhattan as an unmarked memorial to the marginalized communities and underground cultures that once occupied this unregulated waterfront.

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In Galleries

Dan Flavin: Kornblee Gallery 1967

@ David Zwirner Gallery

Jan 10—Feb 25, 2023

David Zwirner is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Dan Flavin (1933–1996) at the gallery’s 34 East 69th Street location in New York. Presented in adjacent rooms of the Upper East Side townhouse, the works on view recreate two groundbreaking exhibitions that Flavin mounted in 1967 at New York’s Kornblee Gallery, then located at the nearby and architecturally similar 58 East 79th Street. 

In one gallery, a series of six vertically oriented works in cool white light, each varying slightly from one another, punctuate the space, making a subtle incursion into the existing architecture; whereas in the opposite gallery a work composed of six diagonals dramatically washes the space in green light. Made only a few years after Flavin began working with commercially available fluorescent lamps, these installations (or “situations,” as the artist preferred to call them) provide insight into Flavin's distinct strategy for conceptualizing, activating, and transforming space with light and color. The exhibition will be supplemented by the artist’s preparatory drawings as well as other archival materials documenting these early shows.

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In Brooklyn

Pop-Up Talks: Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech”

@ Brooklyn Museum

Saturday, January 14, 2023

2–3 pm

Learn more about key artworks in the exhibition Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech” during these short talks led by our A.R.T. Guides. Each conversation is repeated every 15 minutes. Free with exhibition admission.

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Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong: Azimuth

@ Pike Street Malls between East Broadway and Division Street

Through Nov 5, 2023

AZIMUTH is a recycled public artwork, previously installed in Washington DC as MERIDIAN. After over a year and a half outdoors, the modules were transported to New York City, rehabbed and transformed with a vibrantly colored makeover. Along with the final touches of a new ground mural, AZIMUTH provides a new community gathering spot on the Pike Street Mall. The pavilion activates this an empty and underused public park median, creating a new place to pause, frolic and play.

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