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Clio Art Fair: The Anti-Fair for Independent Artists

Clio Art Fair: The Anti-Fair for Independent Artists

Featuring: “Maybe I am your Mother: Who is Generating Who?” curated by Asya Rotella

September 8-11th, 2022

550 W 29th St New York


Article by Caroline Haller



Clio Art Fair 2022 - Credits to Elissa Rosario


For the last 8 years, Clio Art Fair has lived up to its call to action to be the anti-fair for independent artists. Started in 2014, the anti-fair’s aim has been to showcase the careers and achievements of creative minds. With this in mind, founder Alessandro Berni targets artists that don’t have exclusive NYC gallery representation in order to give them space to show their work.

In Greek mythology, Clio or Kleio is the muse of History. The etymology of the word, in Greek, has roots that mean “to recount,” “to celebrate” or “to make famous.” Clio Art Fair breaks with stereotypical aspects of the art market and seeks to be innovative in how art is consumed. Additionally, since 2017, this innovative fair has accepted primary crypto values such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as forms of payment.


Clio Art Fair 2022


Berni founded Clio Art Fair with the intention “to create a space for direct dialogue between artists and collections, and artists and curators without the presence of any long-term mediator.”

Clio Art Fair shares this aim with its partner, Art Dealer Street. As a forum for independent artists and curators to promote their work, Art Dealer Street offers a virtual space to display, discuss and dissect artists without a long-term mediator.


Clio Art Fair 2022


13th Clio Art Fair- September 8-11, 2022

The 13th edition of the Clio Art Fair will be held this Thursday through Sunday, September 8-11! The fair will be held in Chelsea at 550 W 29th St, New York.

Opening night reception from 6-9 pm includes a special preview and a cocktail reception. Tickets on Friday September 9th are free for public viewing! Then, tickets are $10 for general admission on Saturday and Sunday! Saturday and Sunday, you can also join us at Noon for an Art Networking Brunch!

This is a fantastic opportunity for independent artists, but also for the viewer! With 50 artists and hundreds of works, this is a must visit for anyone who loves art but doesn’t like the pitfalls of the traditional art market.


“Maybe I am your Mother: Who is Generating Who?” -Asya Rotella


This year, Clio Art Fair is featuring a special section of the fair curated by Asya Rotella. This section is entitled “Maybe I am your Mother: Who is Generating Who?” and questions the relationship between the human being and the screen.


The exhibition examines technology as the core of history and humans as an extension of it. Technology has changed everything about our society. Rotella poses the following question, “Are human beings the parents of technology or the sons of the screens they use?” Then, from where we have come, where might we go as a society and world.

Through the works of artists Erika Ehrman, Formento & Formento, Jay Martin, Vikki Michalios, Robert Obier, Jason Piken, Carmine Santaniello, and Denny Theocharakis, the viewer charts a course across time and space. The artists in this exhibition examine themes outside of time that deal with the role of technology in society.

For instance, artist Robert Obier is an architect whose creations seem as if they are from another civilization or a mixture of civilizations. Dynamo XL highlights a marriage of technologies across time and civilizations. (Figure 1)


Figure 1. Robert Obier. Dynamo XL, Mixed Media on Wood, 46 x 34.35 x 6.25 inches


Clio Art Fair 2022 - Credits to Elissa Rosario


Another artist in the exhibition, Jason Piken, was born in New York City. Piken mixes abstraction and familiar shapes. Lastly, Carmine Santaniello creates collages that questions technology and act as social commentaries on the use of technology. (Figure 2)


Figure 2. Carmine Santaniello, Paparazzi, Paparazzis, 16 x 16 inches, Paper Collage.


Next year, you can visit the Clio Art Fair in New York again in March from the 8th- 11th, 2023.

If you are an independent artist interested in participating in Clio, you can apply online at

Get your tickets for this week’s show here and we will see you this Thursday, September 8th for opening night!

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