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Alessandro Berni Gallery @ Miami Art Week 2022

Alessandro Berni Gallery @ Miami Art Week 2022

Article by Caroline Haller


If you are looking for something to do in Miami this weekend, you are in luck! This week is MIAMI ART WEEK 2022! People travel from all over the world to visit the Art Miami and Art Basel Miami as well as their sister fairs CONTEXT Art Miami and Aqua Art Miami.

This year Alessandro Berni Gallery, founded in Perugia, Italy in 2012, is honored to represent 18 artists in both CONTEXT Art Miami and Aqua Art Miami fairs. On now through December 4th, Alessandro Berni Gallery has two spectacular showings at CONTEXT Art Miami and Aqua Art Miami.

CONTEXT Art Miami pavilion is at One Herald Plaza for its 10th edition this year! With over 75 galleries featuring works from more than 20 countries worldwide, this fair is a must visit for the artistically inclined! You can find Alessandro Berni Gallery at Booth c22! Artists featured are Hera Kim, NONOS-Mercedes and Franziska Welte, Gilbert Salinas, and Wo Schiffman.


Beautifully curated, each wall of booth c22 has unique personality and yet it all flows together with perfection. A standout feature is an inner wall featuring the work of sisters Franziska and Mercedes Welte, the artistic duo known as NONOS. Their pieces are made with lightweight carbon, resin and pigments and form a golden wall across the inside of the booth. Their white and gold sculptures elevate an everyday material look with texture and shine.


Viewers will find a familiarity in the shapes present in Hera Kim’s work. The playful, colorful and fun figures like her Joggers and a T-Rex are rendered in a contemporary cubist style. Starting with a grid, Kim layers geometric shapes, symbols and colors until the cubist style figure reveals itself in paint.



Context Art fair is open Friday and Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Once CONTEXT fair closes for the night, head over to the Aqua Hotel on Miami Beach where you’ll have two more hours to check out works from Alessandro Berni Gallery in rooms 105 and 106.

Aqua Art Miami is open for its 16th edition at the Aqua Hotel on Miami Beach where the rooms are emptied out to be booths for the fair! This attracts an energetic and young crowd looking to be wowed by the art around them!

At Art Aqua Miami, Alessandro Berni Gallery is featuring the following artists: Patrizia Balzamo, Cinzia Cotellessa, John Denis, Rachel Goldsmith, Erol Gunduz, Brian Higgins, Atom Hovhanesyan, Carole Jury, Kate Maura, Raisa Nosova, Robert Obier, Carol Scavotto, Bryant Small and Zoya Taylor.



Berni’s gallery show starts outside the rooms with a tall fused glass sculpture by John Denis. Leading into the appropriated hotel rooms 105 and 106, the viewer finds more of John Denis’s clear blue and metallic fused glass sculptures, one of which fans out like the wings of a bird. 



On the walls of the adjoining rooms, every inch of the space is used in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way! The artists featured create work in all sorts of unique mediums that makes visiting Alessandro Berni Gallery booths so interesting.




A standout feature is the army of figurines by Erol Gunduz that are staged on the floor of the room. One larger figure seems to control the others and some even “stand guard,” peeking through the window as you enter room 106!


You might even get lucky and get to meet the artists! Viewers on Friday December 1st were lucky enough to see Rachel Goldsmith discussing her work and Brian Higgins painting in the room.


Sunday is your last day to view the works in person until both fairs close at 6:00 pm.

If you can’t make it to the show, check out the virtual booths for each of the fairs here:

Alessandro Berni Gallery at CONTEXT Art Miami 2022 | Artsy

Alessandro Berni Gallery at Aqua Art Miami 2022 | Artsy

These virtual booths will stay up through December 30th. So, you’ll be able to invest in a one-of-a-kind piece of art just in time for Christmas.




Follow Alessandro Berni on Instagram @alessandrobernigallery

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