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5 Things to consider if you are gifting art this Christmas

5 Things to consider if you are gifting art this Christmas

Article by Caroline Haller


Art makes a great Christmas gift! This is especially true for the art lover, but even those that are less savvy with art will find great joy in receiving a piece of art. First off, a one-of-a-kind piece of art shows your loved one that you wanted to get them something unique and special. Art can be a great piece of decoration, a conversation starter, an investment, and a wonderful way to show your loved one that you care about what they care about.

I made a list of 5 things to consider if you are on the hunt for art as a gift this Christmas. Art Dealer Street makes it easy to filter by style, color, price and type of art! However, these 5 things will help you narrow your search even further. They are Size, Color, Theme, Type, and Artist Background. If you consult this list of 5 considerations when purchasing art for others, you are sure to find a unique piece of art that will make the best gift!

Read on to learn more about these considerations and search Art Dealer Street to find the best gift for your loved one.



1. Size

When gifting art, size is so important! Unless you know that the person has space for a bigger work, it’s best to pick something that is smaller in size. That way, your friend or loved one can find the best place throughout their home to hang the work!


Another consideration regarding size includes standardization, in case you want to, or they want to get it framed! Unless you want to shell out the big bucks for customized framing, you should buy art that fits one of these standard frame sizes.





One good example is Lavender Fields #2 by Eugenia Gorbacheva! This small watercolor on paper is under 12 inches. It will be easy to find a frame for and your loved one will be able to hang it anywhere they please as it doesn’t take up too much space!

Lavender fields #2 — artdealerstreet



2. Color

If your loved one has a favorite color, this can be a great starting point! If their living room is decorated with blue, matching that color in abstract art can be a great way to ensure they will love the piece and use it as décor in their home! However, as a point of caution, if you aren’t sure that the shade of blue matches exactly, I would go neutral!


The second suggestion with color is just that, to go neutral! If you aren’t sure about color matching or what colors your friend or loved one prefers, purchasing a work of art in neutral, gray scale, or black and white can ensure that it will fit in your loved one’s house, wherever they decide to hang it!


For instance, if you aren’t sure what colors to go with, Soft as the Morning Mist is a neutral and abstract painting that will accentuate just about any room! It certainly reflects the morning mist German Artist Doris Duschelbauer sees on the island of Mallorca, where she lives.

Soft as the morning mist — artdealerstreet



3. Theme

If your loved one loves cats, dogs, or the beach, then you have a good starting point for what art they might fancy. If you know what themes or subjects your loved one enjoys, then you can probably find some art with that theme! On Art Dealer Street, you can search by term to locate art based on certain themes or containing subjects.


Maybe you need a gift for a person who loves horses and art! If you are trying to find a gift for a horse lover, Arabian Horses by Dutch artist Jennie Smallenbroek will be cherished and it’s certainly cheaper than a horse.

Arabian Horses — artdealerstreet


4. Type

Maybe your friend collects a certain type of art! For instance, maybe they prefer Painting, Sculpture, Drawing or Photography! On Art Dealer Street, you can search by type making your job much easier.


For instance, if they love sculpture! Maze 2 by Dolores Poacelli is a great choice. It is fun, colorful and one-of-a-kind. You are sure to impress with a piece like this!

Maze 2 — artdealerstree




5. Artist Background

For instance, some artists support certain charity causes with proceeds from their work. Others represent or support certain minority communities. If the artist shares cultural similarities to your loved one, they will connect with the piece even more! And if buying a piece of art also gives proceeds to charity, it add more value to the art.


Consider buying a piece of art from a Ukrainian artist to help them financially or an artist that supports Ukraine. For example, American artist Raisa Nosova creates pieces to sell for Ukraine. Not only does she attempt to raise awareness for the cause, but 50% of the commission from those pieces is split between three sources that are aiding in the war effort. First, the funds support a woman who delivers medical supplies to destroyed cities. Second, the funds support a childbirth hospital in Kyiv and finally, a volunteer psychologist aiding people in bombed cities.

You can read more about that on her site. Art for Ukraine — Raisa Nosova

Here is one of her pieces, Silver Glow, on Art Dealer Street.

Silver Glow — artdealerstreet


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