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5 New Artists on Art Dealer Street

5 New Artists on Art Dealer Street

Article by Caroline Haller


We are so grateful for the community that supports us! A huge part of that community is made up of the artists that sell their art with us! So, we wanted to thank and recognize some of the artists that have chosen to sell on Art Dealer Street!

Today, we decided to feature 5 artists that have recently joined Art Dealer Street!! We are so excited to have them and to start featuring their art! These five artists are Db Waterman, Arnaud Gautron, Jonathan Jaeger, Jose Romero, and Elizabeth Roman.

If you are an artist and want to join, fill out this application!  Then, you can sign up and start selling your art today!

Or if you are a buyer or just an art lover, check out these five artists who are new to Art Dealer Street, but not to making art! Their work is sure to blow your socks off!


1. Db Waterman

From her studio in the Netherlands, Dutch Mixed Media Artist Db Waterman creates urban inspired collages. Waterman assembles original paintings from all sorts of mediums and materials including colored pencil, newspaper, packing tissue, spray paint, charcoal, photographs, watercolor and even books.

Waterman’s collages often feature children or people in desolate landscapes. Her love of quiet natural colors is apparent in her works of art and she believes that art can help us find a child-like innocence.

Her works on Art Dealer Street, Echoes, Motel 500, Smoke on the Water, and Starts in May show the inspiration she takes from weather billboards and old walls with peeling paint.

Motel 500, Acrylic Painting and Collage on Canvas, 2019

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Follow her on Instagram @dbwatermanart


2. Arnaud Gautron

French artist Arnaud Gautron has exhibited across France and his works are in collections throughout Europe, America and the Middle East. Though born in Paris, Gautron now works out of Brittany in France. Gautron specializes in Abstract Expressionist paintings that reveal the relationship between man, nature and the artist’s own unconsciousness. In his abstract paintings, Gautron reveals multiple dimensions of thought and memory. The self-taught artist attempts to make people feel through the “stained drooling nature” of his canvases, which represent his blurred memories.


One work for sale on Art Dealer Street is Il y a toujours l’œil, which features blue, red, pink, yellow, green and white streaks across the surface of the canvas. To Gautron it resembles lightning and rain and was created by using dry colors with very little mixing.

Il y a toujours l’œil, Acrylic on canvas, 2021

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Follow him on Instagram @arnaudgautron


3. Jonathan Jaeger

Self-taught artist Jonathan Jaeger only began painting 6 years ago after leaving a career in social work. Jaeger is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but now lives and works in Maryland. Jaeger’s background is unique as an adopted bi-racial artist who taught himself how to create art. It is from this viewpoint that Jaeger creates his unique and vividly colored abstract pieces. Jaeger is a mixed media artist and works both digitally and traditionally. His inspiration comes from artists like Pablo Picasso or Jean Michael Basquiat.


He has both traditional and digital works listed on Art Dealer Street. One work, Hand on the Trigger, is a digital print whose bright and fun coloration playfully juxtaposes its more serious subject matter.

Hand on the Trigger, Digital Print on paper, 2022

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4. Jose Romero

Born in Honduras, Jose Romero is a painter whose works have been shown in the Hamptons and Long Island. Romero moved to the United States in 1986 and spent time in New Jersey and New York. He studied architecture at Pratt Institute and worked for an architecture firm before deciding to pursue art full time. Now he lives and works in Taylors, SC.


Romero states that his paintings are “a fusion of experiences throughout my life told through abstract works. They encompass people I have met in places I have been, and recollections I re-create from the impressions these special folks or places make upon me.” His paintings are introspective of his own experiences and celebrate what makes us human.


One example is a painting called Aurelian Wall, which is for sale on Art Dealer Street and will be exhibited at Inchoate Art Gallery in Greenville, SC this month! Aurelian Wall is inspired by a photograph Romero took 23 years ago while he was studying in Italy during his time at Pratt Institute. The painting features the interior of the Aurelian Wall in Rome.


Aurelian Wall, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

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Follow him on Instagram @jr76_99


5. Elizabeth Roman

Artist Elizabeth Roman was born and raised in Peru but now lives and works in Paris, France. Roman speaks her mind through her urban inspired paintings. She isn’t afraid to comment on controversial topics or provide social and political messages to engage the public. Roman’s art has been influenced by the Mexican muralist movement as well as pop art colors. She wants to spread a message of peace hoping to build a bridge between people with her art.


Her work Between Heaven and Hell, features a woman with angel wings and the words “Choices that we make in life have the potential to create Heaven or Hell on Earth” overlaid in a graffiti style. The message reminds the viewer that they have the power to create peace within their community! This piece is for sale on Art Dealer Street.


Between Heaven and Hell, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

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Follow her on Instagram @elizabethroman02

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