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Malvina Carola-Liuba -  Artist interview

Malvina Carola-Liuba - Artist interview

Written by Caroline Haller


Last week was very important for me because my curated virtual exhibition, From and To: reFuge launched on Art Dealer Street! When building the show, I discovered each artist through a variety of sources. One of the artists in the exhibition is Romanian born Malvina-Carola Liuba.

I found Liuba’s work on Instagram, while searching for art tagged with “refuge.” I was immediately drawn to the abstracted, but recognizable, shapes that signaled safety.     

I asked Liuba a few questions about her artistic process and the pieces in the show! Check out the Q/A below and please check out Liuba’s works in the virtual exhibition, From and To: reFuge, on Art Dealer Street’s website now until August 15th.


About Liuba

Liuba blends abstraction with symbolic geometric shapes to bring her dynamically colorful canvases to life. This is beautifully exampled in Glitch 2. Liuba’s painstaking process alludes to the metaphor of bringing order to the chaotic world of abstraction. In Disquiet of Our Time, Liuba cuts open the human form to display inner emotion sheltered from the outside. In Nest, Liuba builds up hard geometric shapes around a soft center which allows for the viewer to imagine a safe place to nest in the center of the canvas. The geometric forms in Refuge symbolically reference furniture and a physical structure. As the title implies the canvas depicts an abstracted version of a refuge allowing the viewer to consider their own spaces of refuge.


Refuge, Malvina Carola Luiba, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 140 cm, Courtesy of the Artist.





How did you get interested in art and painting?

I have always painted, ever since I was little. So, for me it was never a question whether or not I will study art and continue on this path. It’s what I always wanted to do. The only thing, actually.


How do you describe your art to someone who has just seen it for the first time?

I have several styles that I keep developing. There’s the geometrical abstraction that fascinates me, as a form of expression that never exhausts itself. I explore different patterns and contrasts along with vibrant brush strokes in creating abstract expressionist paintings as well. I also enjoy experimental drawing, using all kinds of media, anything that leaves a trace. J


What materials do you use to paint?

I use oil and acrylic colours.


Is there one person or style that has been most influential to your artistic style?

I look for inspiration everyday. I can’t think of one artist or style that has been most influential.


Is there a certain environment in which you paint? Can you describe it?

I have my home studio where I work, which is always very tidy, everything is in its place and handy. J


If you could have a meal with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? why?

Any of my current friends and family. I’m not so nostalgic about the ones that aren’t part of my life anymore, haha. J


How important is experimentation to your art and did it help you develop your current style?

Yes. I experiment to develop something new. Then, I continue in that style until I feel I need to refresh again. So, it’s not constant, but important to me.


What does refuge mean to you? How is this reflected in the canvas Refuge?

“Refuge” is a painting of a picture I took of my own room. It’s a view from above, of a certain moment in my life that remained still.

I would say that the painting “Refuge” embodies both a place and a state of mind in which I feel I can be my authentic self. The surroundings of my own home are my most intimate safe space, shaped by my personality and they come to reflect the person who lives there, in every aspect. That’s the feeling I was trying to show :)




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