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  • ART INDEX: Alex Katz
    December 19, 2022

    ART INDEX: Alex Katz

    Article by Bianca Mafodda (December 19th, 2022)   Alex Katz was born in Brooklyn in 1927 and spent his childhood in the city’s suburbs. His interest in art and poetry, encouraged by his parents since an early age, led him to...

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  • ART INDEX: Simone Leigh
    November 14, 2022

    ART INDEX: Simone Leigh

    Article by Bianca Mafodda (November 14th, 2022)   I spent the past weekend wandering around the pavilions of the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale. Making my way through the huge Giardini and Arsenale locations, not to mention the various events...

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  • ART INDEX: Piero Dorazio
    October 31, 2022

    ART INDEX: Piero Dorazio

    Article by Bianca Mafodda (October 31st, 2022)   Pietro Dorazio (Rome, 1927 – Perugia, 2005) was one of the most famous representatives of the Italian Abstract movement of the 20th century. After the rise of the Fascist dictatorship, the Italian...

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  • ART INDEX: Lisetta Carmi
    July 8, 2022

    ART INDEX: Lisetta Carmi

    Article written by Bianca Mafodda on July 8, 2022   Lisetta Carmi (1924, Genoa, Italy – Cisternino, Brindisi, Italy), the incredible Italian photographer and leader in social and gender matters, died this week at the age of 98. Born into a bourgeois family...

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  • ART INDEX: Bill Viola
    June 24, 2022

    ART INDEX: Bill Viola

    Article written by Bianca Mafodda on June 24, 2022   This past weekend I finally managed to visit an incredible exhibition I have been meaning to visit for a long time. I am referring to Bill Viola. Icons of Light at Palazzo Bonaparte...

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  • ART INDEX: Mary Ellen Mark
    June 10, 2022

    ART INDEX: Mary Ellen Mark

    Article written by Bianca Mafodda on June 10, 2022   «Photograph the world as it is. Nothing's more interesting than reality.» - Mary Ellen Mark    Mary Ellen Mark (Philadelphia, March 20, 1940 – New York, May 25, 2015) started taking pictures in...

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  • ART INDEX: Linda McCartney
    June 3, 2022

    ART INDEX: Linda McCartney

    Article written by Bianca Mafodda on June 3, 2022   “The real thing that makes a photographer is more than just a technical skill, more than turning on the radio. It has to do with the force of inner intention. I have always...

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